“Voluntary compliance”

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Paying taxes is like a woman having sex with a rapist. She goes along with it not because she thinks it’s the right thing to do, but because doing it is better than getting dead for resisting. So she just does what needs to be done hoping to get it over with as quickly as possible, and then gets on with her life as best she can.


Let’s just bill them into perpetual incarceration

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And you thought they only did this kind of thing in third world countries…

Woman jailed for months over $700 fine

Atlanta, Georgia (Reuters) – A U.S. woman held in jail for seven months longer than her original sentence because she was too poor to pay a $705 fine was freed on Wednesday, her attorney said.


Hurley, 45, worked at a restaurant earning $700 a month and was supposed to pay the fine with that money, according to a petition filed this week.

But monthly bills including a $600 payment to the center and $52 for transportation left her with only $23.22, out of which she also had to buy soap, toothpaste and other items.


“The justice system is designed with the intention that the amount of money you have should not factor into the length of time that you are in prison. But that’s not the reality here,” said attorney Sarah Geraghty of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

In the U.S., theft is legal (aka, guilty until proved innocent)

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Further evidence of the death of the Fourth Amendment in the United States. What is amazing about this is not the actions of the police, who are, after all, hired to commit these actions, but the judges who ride roughshod over our rights. In this case, those judges would be Morris Arnold and Steven Colloton.

Federal Appeals Court: Driving With Money is a Crime

And you thought the Soviet Union was kaput. Well, think again.